Castell de Santueri

SantueriSantueri Castle is a fortification located in one of the top of the Sierra de Levante de Mallorca (in the municipality of Felanich) with an altitude of 408 meters.
Santueri Castle, Mallorca.

The castle was rebuilt on the ruins of an Arab fortification of the fourteenth century, which were on Byzantine remains, probably on a Roman military settlement.

220px-Espana_-_Mallorca_-_Castell_de_SantueriIt is a rocky castle because it is situated on top of a mountain and take advantage of the terrain to be impregnable. The walls close the perimeter of the top there where it is accessible. The castle is formed by the combination of rocks, cliffs and walls defining an enclosure on the mountain.

Its task was to monitor the southeast coast of Mallorca. Since he perfectly currency the sea. Other castles in Mallorca the same type are the King’s castle north and northwest Alaró Castle.

These rocky castles became obsolete with the emergence and development of artillery. Being on hilltops, they were an easy target and defensive artillery was not useful as they shoot and hit from the height was difficult. This is one reason why the castles began to move towards the plains to allow artillery shot just to sweep the enemy.